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About Rccn

For more than 10 years development, Shanghai Richeng Electronics Co. Ltd(our logo RCCN®), has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of in a wide selection of sizes,styles, colors and materials. The RCCN ®name has become synonymous with high quality, innovative products used to route, protect and conceal wiring in a wide variety of industrial control and telecommunications applications. The following products are also within our line: insulated ,nylon cable gland,metal connectors,cable ties,nylon flexible conduit,cable terminals ,nylon rivets, nylon screws and so on, more than 13 different kind of wiring accessories about 2500 different products. Our markets are wind power electricity,nuclear power electricity,solar energy,telecom communication,equipments manufacturing,constructions,public establishment,automations sets in offices or factories, smart constructions and so on.. RCCN® prodcuts are approved by UL,CE,ROHS、REACH, we believe you can find some suitable items for your installation request.RCCN ®continues to develop new solutions to satisfy the wire management challenges facing our customers worldwide.
RCCN® Advantage:
*Fast delievery will reduce your stock cost
*Many different items in warehouse, one station supply, save your cost of transport
*Professional and experienced wokers, make  sure you can purchase the correct products.
*RCCN® are compliant with ISO9001、UL、CE、ROHS、REACH, they are the symbol of high quality and the volition of RCCN® to pay more attention to products quality
*ISO9001 means RCCN design, purchase, manufacturing, testing, documents processing, transport and service are compliant with international standard.



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