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RCCN VDRCT Close Slot Wiring Duct





American standard Narrow slot/finger design provides more slots
to closer fit the spacing of high-density terminal blocks and other
hardware used countries such as USA,
Certificates:UL:E306674 CE:EN50085 RoHS,REACH。
Made of rigid PVC
UL Recognized continuous use temperature: 50°C (122°F)
UL94 Flammability Rating of V-0
Provided with mounting holes
Available color:gray.white.blue.black and other special colors
Work Temperature:-40°C to 65°C

MOQ is requested color:gray white


T:Two protruded line in the top of the lids all of our wiring duct can be made in gray white  color code 2:gray white.


Item No.








Gray White Blue Black
VDR2540CT2 VDR2540CTW VDR2540CTE VDR2540CTB 25*40 8.5 11.5 20~25pcs 112M
VDR4040CT2 VDR4040CTW VDR4040CTE VDR4040CTB 40*40 8.5 11.5 60~70pcs 100M
VDR6040CT2 VDR6040CTW VDR6040CTE VDR6040CTB 60*40 8.5 11.5 100~115pcs 68M
VDR8040CT2 VDR8040CTW VDR8040CTE VDR8040CTB 80*40 8.5 11.5 120~135pcs 48M
VDR10040CT2 VDR10040CTW VDR10040CTE VDR10040CTB 100*40 8.5 11.5 120~135pcs 32M
VDR2560CT2 VDR2560CTW VDR2560CTE VDR2560CTB 25*60 8.5 11.5 40~50pcs 100M
VDR4060CT2 VDR4060CTW VDR4060CTE VDR4060CTB 40*60 8.5 11.5 100~115pcs 60M
VDR6060CT2 VDR6060CTW VDR6060CTE VDR6060CTB 60*60 8.5 11.5 120~135pcs 48M
VDR8060CT2 VDR8060CTW VDR8060CTE VDR8060CTB 80*60 8.5 11.5 180~210pcs 36M
VDR10060CT2 VDR10060CTW VDR10060CTE VDR10060CTB 100*60 8.5 11.5 240~290pcs 28M
VDR2580CT2 VDR2580CTW VDR2580CTE VDR2580CTB 25*80 10 10 100~120pcs 72M
VDR4080CT2 VDR4080CTW VDR4080CTE VDR4080CTB 40*80 10 10 140~160pcs 48M
VDR6080CT2 VDR6080CTW VDR6080CTE VDR6080CTB 60*80 10 10 180~210pcs 32M
VDR8080CT2 VDR8080CTW VDR8080CTE VDR8080CTB 80*80 10 10 240~290pcs 24M
VDR10080CT2 VDR10080CTW VDR10080CTE VDR10080CTB 100*80 10 10 260~350pcs 24M
VDR25100CT2 VDR25100CTW VDR25100CTE VDR25100CTB 25*100 10 10 110~160pcs 60M
VDR40100CT2 VDR40100CTW VDR40100CTE VDR40100CTB 40*100 10 10 130~175pcs 40M
VDR60100CT2 VDR60100CTW VDR60100CTE VDR60100CTB 60*100 10 10 240~290pcs 32M
VDR80100CT2 VDR80100CTW VDR80100CTE VDR80100CTB 80*100 10 10 260~350pcs 24M
VDR100100CT2 VDR100100CTW VDR100100CTE VDR100100CTB 100*100 10 10 300~400pcs 24M




RCCN  Din Rails




Material:high quality and strength cold rolled steel with electroplate
EN50022 Product standard: EN50022
Color: yellow plated nickle,silver plated zinc
Operated temperature:-40°C standing heat to 100°C
Use way: fixed on the panel then installed with electric parts
Features: perfect design,with huge pressure,exactly dia., rust resistant
Special length or special hole come with MOQ., Rohs approved products are available.
TS-35/7.5/1/1M/R Environment-friendly goods’ part no.:TS-35/7.5/1/1M/ROHS



Item No.
Outer width/Outer height/
Material Length
per pcs
TS-35/7.5   Series      
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M Color zinc steel 1M 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 1M 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M Color zinc steel 2M 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 2M 100M
TS-35/15  Series      
TS-35/15/1.5/1M Color zinc steel 1M 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/1M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 1M 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M Color zinc steel 2M 60M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 2M 60M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1  Series      
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/1M ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/2M ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/1M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/2M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5 Series      
LS-35/7.5/1.5/1M ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5/2M ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5/1M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5/2M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M