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RCCN VDRFZ Wide Slot Wiring Duct





Wide slot/finger design provides greater sidewall rigidity and can be used with a wide range of wire bundle sizes。
Certificates:UL:E306674 CE:EN50085 RoHS,REACH。
Made of rigid PVC
UL Recognized continuous use temperature: 50°C (122°F)
UL94 Flammability Rating of V-0
Provided with mounting holes
Available color:gray.white.blue.black and other special colors
Work Temperature:-40°C to 65°C
Special design: with score line at the base of trunking, it makes the fingers easy to separate from the trunking no need to us cutter.
Special length come with MOQ request
Comment:gray is the common color, other color need more MOQ
Standard Length:2M/PCS

Item No.







Gray White Blue Black
VDR2525FZ VDR2525FZW VDR2525FZE VDR2525FZB 25*25 8 10 10~25pcs 200M
VDR2530FZ VDR2530FZW VDR2530FZE VDR2530FZB 25*30 8 12 25~35pcs 160M
VDR3030FZ VDR3030FZW VDR3030FZE VDR3030FZB 30*30 8 12 25~35pcs 140M
VDR2540FZ VDR2540FZW VDR2540FZE VDR2540FZB 25*40 8 12 20~25pcs 112M
VDR4040FZ VDR4040FZW VDR4040FZE VDR4040FZB 40*40 8 12 60~70pcs 100M
VDR6040FZ VDR6040FZW VDR6040FZE VDR6040FZB 60*40 8 12 100~115pcs 68M
VDR8040FZ VDR8040FZW VDR8040FZE VDR8040FZB 80*40 8 12 120~135pcs 48M
VDR10040FZ VDR10040FZW VDR10040FZE VDR10040FZB 100*40 8 12 120~135pcs 32M
VDR2550FZ VDR2550FZW VDR2550FZE VDR2550FZB 25*50 8 12 20~30pcs 100M
VDR3050FZ VDR3050FZW VDR3050FZE VDR3050FZB 30*50 8 12 25~40pcs 84M
VDR3550FZ VDR3550FZW VDR3550FZE VDR3550FZB 35*50 8 12 40~60pcs 80M
VDR4050FZ VDR4050FZW VDR4050FZE VDR4050FZB 40*50 8 12 60~70pcs 68M
VDR4550FZ VDR4550FZW VDR4550FZE VDR4550FZB 45*50 8 12 70~80pcs 60M
VDR5050FZ VDR5050FZW VDR5050FZE VDR5050FZB 50*50 8 12 80~90pcs 60M
VDR6050FZ VDR6050FZW VDR6050FZE VDR6050FZB 60*50 8 12 100~120pcs 48M
VDR8050FZ VDR8050FZW VDR8050FZE VDR8050FZB 80*50 8 12 160~180pcs 40M
VDR10050FZ VDR10050FZW VDR10050FZE VDR10050FZB 100*50 8 12 200~250pcs 26M
VDR2560FZ VDR2560FZW VDR2560FZE VDR2560FZB 25*60 8 12 40~50pcs 100M
VDR3060FZ VDR3060FZW VDR3060FZE VDR3060FZB 30*60 8 12 60~80pcs 80M
VDR4060FZ VDR4060FZW VDR4060FZE VDR4060FZB 40*60 8 12 100~115pcs 60M
VDR4560FZ VDR4560FZW VDR4560FZE VDR4560FZB 45*60 8 12 110~125pcs 30M
VDR5060FZ VDR5060FZW VDR5060FZE VDR5060FZB 50*60 8 12 120~135pcs 60M
VDR6060FZ VDR6060FZW VDR6060FZE VDR6060FZB 60*60 8 12 120~135pcs 48M
VDR8060FZ VDR8060FZW VDR8060FZE VDR8060FZB 80*60 8 12 180~210pcs 36M
VDR10060FZ VDR10060FZW VDR10060FZE VDR10060FZB 100*60 8 12 240~290pcs 28M
VDR11060FZ VDR11060FZW VDR11060FZE VDR11060FZB 110*60 8 12 250~300pcs 48M
VDR12060FZ VDR12060FZW VDR12060FZE VDR12060FZB 120*60 8 12 260~320pcs 48M
VDR2580FZ VDR2580FZW VDR2580FZE VDR2580FZB 25*80 8 12 100~120pcs 72M
VDR3080FZ VDR3080FZW VDR3080FZE VDR3080FZB 30*80 8 12 110~125pcs 56M
VDR3580FZ VDR3580FZW VDR3580FZE VDR3580FZB 35*80 8 12 110~130pcs 56M
VDR4080FZ VDR4080FZW VDR4080FZE VDR4080FZB 40*80 8 12 140~160pcs 48M
VDR4580FZ VDR4580FZW VDR4580FZE VDR4580FZB 45*80 8 12 140~160pcs 40M
VDR5080FZ VDR5080FZW VDR5080FZE VDR5080FZB 5080 8 12 160~180pcs 40M
VDR5580FZ VDR5580FZW VDR5580FZE VDR5580FZB 55*80 8 12 160~180pcs 32M
VDR6080FZ VDR6080FZW VDR6080FZE VDR6080FZB 60*80 8 12 180~210pcs 32M
VDR8080FZ VDR8080FZW VDR8080FZE VDR8080FZB 80*80 8 12 240~290pcs 24M
VDR10080FZ VDR10080FZW VDR10080FZE VDR10080FZB 100*80 8 12 260~350pcs 24M
VDR12080FZ VDR12080FZW VDR12080FZE VDR12080FZB 120*80 8 12 280~380pcs 16M
VDR14080FZ VDR14080FZW VDR14080FZE VDR14080FZB 140*80 8 12 350~450pcs 16M
VDR25100FZ VDR25100FZW VDR25100FZE VDR25100FZB 25*100 8 12 110~160pcs 60M
VDR33100FZ VDR33100FZW VDR33100FZE VDR33100FZB 33*100 8 12 130~165pcs 44M
VDR40100FZ VDR40100FZW VDR40100FZE VDR40100FZB 40*100 8 12 130~175pcs 40M
VDR50100FZ VDR50100FZW VDR50100FZE VDR50100FZB 50*100 8 12 220~250pcs 40M
VDR60100FZ VDR60100FZW VDR60100FZE VDR60100FZB 60*100 8 12 240~290pcs 32M
VDR75100FZ VDR75100FZW VDR75100FZE VDR75100FZB 75*100 8 12 260~350pcs 24M
VDR80100FZ VDR80100FZW VDR80100FZE VDR80100FZB 80*100 8 12 260~350pcs 24M
VDR100100FZ VDR100100FZW VDR100100FZE VDR100100FZB 100*100 8 12 300~400pcs 24M
VDR120100FZ VDR120100FZW VDR120100FZE VDR120100FZB 120*100 8 12 350~450pcs 16M
VDR150100FZ VDR150100FZW VDR150100FZE VDR150100FZB 150*100 8 12 400~650pcs 16M
*VDR200100FZ VDR200100FZW VDR200100FZE VDR200100FZB 200*100 8 12 600~900pcs 12M
*VDR200150FZ VDR200150FZW VDR200150FZE VDR200150FZB 200*150 8 12 900~1200pcs 10M











Features Advantages Benefits
Wide slot & wide finger Finger width 12mm,Slot width 8mm,High rigid fingers Suitable to big wire or bundles wire
and flammability
resisit material
Products approved by EU ROHS,
compliant with UL,good flammability resisit
Eliminates health concerns associated
with PVC that contains lead Eliminates
the need to deburr saving installation time
Smooth rounded edges Exclusive RCCN ® process rounds the
edges in duct slots and at top of duct fingers
Protects hands and wiring/cabling from abrasion
Non-slip cover (co-extruded
non-slip liner inside duct
Non-slip cover (co-extruded
non-slip liner inside duct covers)
Cover stays in place during shipment,
vibration and when in a vertical orientation,
eliminating rework
Double scoreline Upper scoreline at base of finger allows fingers
to be broken out without tools
Lower scoreline at base of duct allows sidewall
sections to be removed
Allows quick modification for larger cabling
bundles saving installation time leading to a lower
installed cost
Easier to create tee and corner junctions with full
wire carrying capacity
Flush cover design Greater capacity than traditional duct designs
Cover sits flush with sidewall
Can potentially use a smaller size wiring duct for
same number of wires
Provides a neat and finished appearance
Smooth edge after punching Provides a smooth burr-free edge when
sidewalls or fingers are broken out
Eliminates the need to deburr saving
installation time
V-shaped slot lead-in V-shape funnels wires into slot for
easier insertion
Speeds wire installation
Double restricted slot design Once inserted wires are retained in the slot
with or without the cover being installed
Eliminates hassle and saves time during
installation and maintenance
Four different colors
are available
Suitable to different projects request Can meet customers request in
different project conditions in time
Approved by many
nternational tests
America UL,Canada CULUS, EuropeCE ,
Flamility and low smoking certificate
Can provide related certificates of the
projects or parts need




RCCN  Din Rails




Material:high quality and strength cold rolled steel with electroplate
EN50022 Product standard: EN50022
Color: yellow plated nickle,silver plated zinc
Operated temperature:-40°C standing heat to 100°C
Use way: fixed on the panel then installed with electric parts
Features: perfect design,with huge pressure,exactly dia., rust resistant
Special length or special hole come with MOQ., Rohs approved products are available.
TS-35/7.5/1/1M/R Environment-friendly goods’ part no.:TS-35/7.5/1/1M/ROHS



Item No.
Outer width/Outer height/
Material Length
per pcs
TS-35/7.5   Series      
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M Color zinc steel 1M 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 1M 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M Color zinc steel 2M 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 2M 100M
TS-35/15  Series      
TS-35/15/1.5/1M Color zinc steel 1M 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/1M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 1M 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M Color zinc steel 2M 60M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M-ROHS ROHS silver zinc plated steel 2M 60M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1  Series      
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/1M ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/2M ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/1M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LSC-35/7.5/1.1/2M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5 Series      
LS-35/7.5/1.5/1M ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5/2M ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5/1M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 1M 100M
LS-35/7.5/1.5/2M-No bottom ROHS Aluminum metal 2M 100M