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RCCN DC Duct Covers



Certificates:UL:E306674 CE:EN50085 RoHS,REACH。
Made of Low halogen, lead free and enviroment-friendly rigid PVC
UL Recognized continuous use temperature: 50°C (122°F)
UL94 Flammability Rating of V-0
Provided with mounting holes
Available color:gray.white.blue.black and other special colors
Work Temperature:-40°C to 65°C


  Color code 1:light gray 2:gray white.T:protrude design

Item No.


Suitable wiring
duct Specifications

Gray Light gray Gray white White Blue Black
DC-15G DC-15G/9022 DC15G/7047 DC-15W DC-15E DC-15B 15 15wider wiring duct
DC-16G DC-16G/9022 DC-16G/7047 DC-16W DC-16E DC-16B 16 16wider wiring duct
DC-20G DC-20G/9022 DC-20G/7047 DC-20W DC-20E DC-20B 20 20wider wiring duct
DC-22G DC-22G/9022 DC-22G/7047 DC-22W DC-22E DC-22B 22 22wider wiring duct
DC-25G DC-25G/9022 DC-25G/7047 DC-25W DC-25E DC-25B 25 25wider wiring duct
DC-30G DC-30G/9022 DC-30G/7047 DC-30W DC-30E DC-30B 30 30wider wiring duct
DC-33G DC-33G/9022 DC-33G/7047 DC-33W DC-33E DC-33B 33 33wider wiring duct
DC-35G DC-35G/9022 DC-35G/7047 DC-35W DC-35E DC-35B 35 35wider wiring duct
DC-40G DC-40G/9022 DC-40G/7047 DC-40W DC-40E DC-40B 40 40wider wiring duct
DC-45G DC-45G/9022 DC-45G/7047 DC-45W DC-45E DC-45B 45 45wider wiring duct
DC-50G DC-50G/9022 DC-50G/7047 DC-50W DC-50E DC-50B 50 50wider wiring duct
DC-55G DC-55G/9022 DC-55G/7047 DC-55W DC-55E DC-55B 55 55wider wiring duct
DC-60G DC-60G/9022 DC-60G/7047 DC-60W DC-60E DC-60B 60 60wider wiring duct
DC-65G DC-65G/9022 DC-65G/7047 DC-65W DC-65E DC-65B 65 65wider wiring duct
DC-70G DC-70G/9022 DC-70G/7047 DC-70W DC-70E DC-70B 70 70wider wiring duct
DC-72G DC-72G/9022 DC-72G/7047 DC-72W DC-72E DC-72B 72 72wider wiring duct
DC-75G DC-75G/9022 DC-75G/7047 DC-75W DC-75E DC-75B 75 75wider wiring duct
DC-80G DC-80G/9022 DC-80G/7047 DC-80W DC-80E DC-80B 80 80wider wiring duct
DC-100G DC-100G/9022 DC-100G/7047 DC-100W DC-100E DC-100B 100 100wider wiring duct
DC-110G DC-110G/9022 DC-110G/7047 DC-110W DC-110E DC-110B 110 110wider wiring duct
DC-120G DC-120G/9022 DC-120G/7047 DC-120W DC-120E DC-120B 120 120wider wiring duct
DC-125G DC-125G/9022 DC-125G/7047 DC-125W DC-125E DC-125B 125 125wider wiring duct
DC-140G DC-140G/9022 DC-140G/7047 DC-140W DC-140E DC-140B 140 140wider wiring duct
DC-150G DC-150G/9022 DC-150G/7047 DC-150W DC-150E DC-150B 150 150wider wiring duct
DC-200G DC-200G/9022 DC-200G/7047 DC-200W DC-200E DC-200B 200 200wider wiring duct

All of the following with two lines lids can be installed with all RCCN wiring duct, part no. such as VDR8080FT, colorful part no. such as VDR8080FTW,
T is type code, it is for lids with two lines.

 Item No.
Suitable wiring
duct Specifications
Gray Light gray Gray white White Blue Black
DC-25T DC-25T1 DC-25T2 DC-25TW DC-25TE DC-25TB 25 25wider wiring duct Pcs/2M
DC-40T DC-40T1 DC-40T2 DC-40TW DC-40TE DC-40TB 40 40wider wiring duct
DC-60T DC-60T1 DC-60T2 DC-60TW DC-60TE DC-60TB 60 60wider wiring duct
DC-80T DC-80T1 DC-80T2 DC-80TW DC-80TE DC-80TB 80 80wider wiring duct
DC-100T DC-100T1 DC-100T2 DC-100TW DC-100TE DC-100TB 100 100wider wiring duct