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Nowadays, insulation is being used by almost all residential and commercial buildings to make the structure thermally stable and compatible. Insulation is done to make the place airtight, so that it remains warmer in winters or cooler in summers. Insulation helps in eliminating the need of heating or cooling equipment, and thus saves cable channels money that was earlier spent on electricity bills.

Different types of insulation are available these days, and one can choose from these options depending upon their budgets and requirements of the place. Blown in insulation, foam insulation and duct insulation are the most commonly and widely used types of insulation.

Blown in insulation, also known as loose-fill insulation, is one of the common ways of insulating the already existing walls, cracks or structures, which either didn’t have any insulation or which required an additional insulation. This insulation is done by blowing in loose particles into the cavities, evenly distributing them and sealing the gaps for making the structure air tight. Blown in insulation is done in the spaces between the exterior and interior walls of building and filling the cavities of the wall or attic. This process is cable trunking easy to install and economical. In addition, the blown in insulation is eco-friendly as the materials used are made up of recycled products. Also, it can be mixed with other types of insulation to fill the gaps and provide a barrier to heat.